Lived: 167.7 million years ago - 145 million years ago (Bathonian - Tithonian


Scientific name: Scaphognathus (Tub jaw)

Eats: Pholidophorus (fish)

sculpture size: L13.5 H7 W4.5(cm)

sculpture scale: 1:1

Production material : High fired ceramics

Special notes : Small and highly deatailed great for transport as a set for educational use or display. 


Scaphognathus was a pterosaur that lived around Germany during the Late Jurassic. It had a wingspan of 0.9 m (3 ft).it is known from three specimens, all of which originated in the Kimmeridgian-age Solnhofen Limestone. Physically it was very similar to Rhamphorhynchus, albeit with notable cranial differences


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  • This sculpture fits in well with our other Rhamphorhynchidae and makes an exelent visual set for educational use.

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