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Lost Fauna studios was set up as a responce to the need to engage and appeal to both the collector, educational institutes, and curious members of the public, the stunning finds that have been unearthed throughout scientific history.

Merging the disciples of Art and Science to produce sculptural forms, Lost Fauna creates in 3D, examples of the vast history of life on this planet, in all its strange and sometimes alien appearances.


We also hope to serve as a touch-stone for the younger generations, giving insight into some of the life we have lost in more recent centuries. Extintions mainly due to human activity adversely affecting the fauna, or their inviroments till eventually the inevitable happens.


Our aim is to produce a range of products that visually "bring to life," the animals (fauna) from the recent and distant past, selecting from a wide range on materials that best allow us to accuratley reproduce the essence of these animals in stunning detail.

We base all of our pieces on the latest or most accurate established research, and by working closely with experts in the field who advise us on both the anatomical/colour accuracy, and environments the species were originally found in.



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