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Last seen: September 1, 1914

Family: Columbidae

Scientific name: Ectopistes migratorius

Eats: beechnuts, acorns, chestnuts, seeds, and berries

sculpture size:

sculpture scale: 1:1

Production material : High fired ceramics

Special notes : utilises metal legs moulded from family reference samples.


The passenger pigeon or wild pigeon is an extinct species of pigeon that was endemic to North America. With huge flocks that blocked out the sun now sadly gone and only found in educational institutes or privet collections. As extinctions go, the extinction of the passenger pigeon is truly a stupendous human achievement, unparalleled in recorded history.

Passenger pigeon (pair)

SKU: 0020
  • We can however not accept returns of broken or damaged goods if your product is damaged upon reviving it please get in touch straight away and we will attempt to rectify the situation with you alternatively if it is an old product that was purchase a while ago and display then subsequently damaged please get in touch and we can see if we can repair it there is usually a postage and repair fee associated with this. 

    The cost of this product covers two birds both the male and female this is because they are a great example of Sexual Dimorphism. We can sell them as an individual bird male or female if you would like an individual bird please just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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