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lost fauna studios products are designed to be tough long lasting and durable making them excellent for display and especially useful in educational environments (we want you to touch and feel them).

We select from a wide range of moulding, sculpting and casting materials so the product detail and finish is as exact as the original master sculpt or artefact.

Working with both the leading experts in there field and the latest scientific papers or literature we aim to provide a range of replica extinct animals dinosaurs and fossils that accurately represent the original specimens both in colour and scale we are off course always open to new interpretations or findings that could result in the update to one or more of our products both visually and sculptural appearance.

Since our products are designed to be tough we can happily dispatch our products all over the world so you can finally get a museum quality replica do display or further develop your understanding of the lost fauna from the past.

All our sculpts were possible are sculpted on to castings taken from known fossils or skulls off extinct species to achieve exact museum quality recreations or replicas. These are then cross-referenced with experts in the relevant fields to achieve the highest quality products on the market today.

We are also happy to produce commission work or study models for gallery’s, museums, educational institutes or privet individuals so it you have a question or a project you would like us to look at please done hesitate to get in contact.

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